Stainless Steel PVD Profiles

DNS-DESIGN N SHEETS specializes in supplying the best quality stainless steel PVD Profiles all over India. Our stainless steel PVD Profiles come in endless colors. You name a color and we have it. These profiles are used for interior decoration purposes. The benefit of using PVD profiles for interior decoration is that it is very easy to install and is very sturdy. Unlike other materials like aluminum or wood, its quality remains intact for a longer period of time. You can easily clean it and it is completely dust, water, stain, or scratch-resistant. There will be no rust formation on or around the fittings. You won’t even have to worry that its coating will wear off. It is so easy to use and fit in that it reduces the cost incurred on employing the help of an expert.

These PVD profiles are titanium coated which ensures a long life of up to 10 years. These are top-grade products with high-quality assurance. The best quality other than its long-lasting life is its durability and strengths.

DNS-DESIGN N SHEETS offers different types of PVD Profiles which are T-Profiles, U-Profiles, L-Profile, and strips. These PVD Profiles are available in two metal grades. Steel grade 202 and steel grade 304.