Stainless Steel U Profile

Partition walls made with the application of U-Profiles are so-called light steel framing constructions. Top hat profiles are used for direct assembly of plasterboards:

  • when making ceiling or wall coverings with a small mounting height or width
  • used in places requiring a minimal thickness of the lining
  • the possibility of a direct assembly to concrete walls, wooden ceilings

The above Decorative “U” Profile Sections are made by CNC Bending. Before Bending, these Sheets are cut to their required sizes by Laser Cutting Machines. Our U – Profiles grooving is done on Metal Sheets before bending them. By following this process, we can achieve a 90° right angle on the bend area. Decorative “U” Profile Section is used in many Decorative Applications such as exterior cladding, interior decoration, Skirting, Wall Edge Protection, Floor Partitions, Wall Partitions and Many More.