Stainless Steel T Profile

Stainless steel is the optimal material for a great collection of applications. The material is a hundred per cent recyclable and already recycled as raw material. T-Profiles are ideal structural components for applications with corrosion issues. Almost all stainless steel products that leave the factory were already used previously in a different form of steel or stainless steel. T-Profiles, used in construction, is a load-bearing structure of reinforced concrete, wood or metal. T-Profiles are also known with different definitions as T-beams or T-bars. They are structural beams with “T” shaped cross-section. The market offers a wide diversity of several T-Profiles:

  • Equal leg tees, where the width and the height have the same measure.
  • Unequal- flange tees, having the height is half the width’s measure.
  • T-Profiles with a much greater height compared to the width, generally used in curtain walls.
  • For lengths larger than 4 meters, it offers greater and significantly more resistance compared to flat bar.
  • Just T-Profiles will reduce rebar requirement.
  • We can save nine to twenty reinforcement as compared to a flat bar.
  • The required depth of the beam will also reduce, as the flange or the web will contribute to sagging moment.

At shops and in modern architecture, T-Profiles include several functions as a bumper bar or as edge protection. T-Profiles are used to reinforce the basis of glass tables. Stainless steel T-Profiles are also properly fitted into the grooves of wooden tables to consolidate visual and practical duty. Facades made with glazing very often include in the design the use of sharp-edged T-Profiles as mullion to section the glass. T-Profiles or basic tees are the less common products in the world of steel structural but are gaining popularity.