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Our Manufacturing

DNS proudly announces to its customers all over India that we have started our own manufacturing unit in India. Now you can look forward to even better quality of stainless steel snow-frost sheets, matte sheets, scotch bright sheets and No. 4 sheets. It is available in multiple options:

  • Coil to coil;
  • Coil to sheet; and
  • Cut to length.

Now you can expect quicker delivery of your order at much better prices and that too for improved quality. We offer complete quality assurance with best in industry prices. Get customized orders as per your needs and leave the rest to us as we now Make in India.

DNS has been doing well in the stainless steel industry since a long time now and our history of esteemed clients demonstrates promising products. Our products will match all your needs and we provide it all under one roof.

Our Products

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DNS SS Sheets
Stainless Steel Sheets

About Us

“We started as an idea to bring together the best interior designers of Stainless Steel Decorative Sheets, Profiles and Partitions and best construction professionals of Stainless Steel PVD Furniture under one roof to deliver affordable yet contemporary designs to households across India. Irrespective of the size of the room and type of room, we are always there to provide our transparent and friendly services to anyone who needs it. We are just a call away.”

DNS-Design N Sheets has now entered its footsteps in UAE by expanded our market into Dubai industries and have received an amazing response for our products. We hope to reach as many households and offices as we are reaching in India.


“Modern design is about realigning your priorities to help keep you focused on the important things in life.”

“Don’t design your lifestyle for comfort, design it for passion. Don’t design it for functionality, design it for sensuality.”

Understanding the person or people living in a home is a far greater need in design than focusing purely on the aesthetics. The home is designed around emotional needs.    

We offer precise artistry in our custom laser cutting and CNC cutting panels. Popularly referred to as Geometric Panels, we can create and cut various shapes and designs. From ambient lighting and room dividing panels to window and wall coverings, our elegant panels will accent your existing decor or be an eye-catching focal point that offers texture and beauty.

Laser cut panels are becoming more and more a form of modern art, so in combination with modern technology they can be used in any way you can imagine. They are mostly used:
• For security,
• As room dividers,
• Privacy panels,
• Decorative panels,
• Window coverings, etc.

laser cut panels can give any home, office, or space its own unique wall decor. The unique wall decor comes from the large combination of styles, colors, metals etc. that you can choose from in our unique shop area. The products or shop area lets you combine what you like, such as different metals, colors, sizes, and with or without lighting, into one unique wall panel. If you would like an even more unique wall panel, please design your own image and work with DNS to make it a reality.

DNS has an innovatively engineered approach in strengthening your requirements, as and whenever required.

We are one of those innovatively engineered organization that provide Stainless Steel Colored Elevator Door and Cabin Sheets.

These SS Designer Colored Elevator Door and Cabin Sheets are standardized and professionally monitored under a strict technical observation and then provided to you with utmost superior quality and excellence, across the globe.

We hold a strong grip over a vast dealers network and suppliers chain ascertaining quality provisions and an organized reach for the same.

Elevator Door and Cabin Stainless Steel Sheets are used for Hotels, Airports, Restaurants, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Movie Theatres, Corporate Offices, and many high end Commercial and Residential projects.

Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens are the smart choice of the future.
Equipped with the most hygienic and food-friendly surface, these kitchens will also last you a lifetime. The perfect choice for smart homeowners who are looking for a low maintenance and durable space. Welcome home an aesthetically pleasing smart kitchen, which will also be perfect for conversation and gathering.

1. 100% water resistant
2. Impeccable Design
3. Durable for lifetime
4. 100% fungus resistant
5. Smooth surface
6. Supremely hygienic
7. Easy to clean and maintain.
8. Eco-friendly material
9. Fire resistant

DNS has an innovatively engineered approach in strengthening your requirements, as and whenever required.

Decorative SS Profile Sections are made by CNC Bending. Before Bending, these Sheets are cut to their required sizes by Laser Cutting Machines. Our SS Profiles Grooving is done on Metal Sheets before bending them. By following this process, we can achieve a 90° right angle on the bend area.

Decorative Stainless Steel Profile Sections are used in many Decorative Applications such as Skirting, Wall Edge Protection, Floor Partitions, Wall Partitions and many more.

Value Added Services:

1.Impeccable design with mirror and hairline surface

2.Supremely hygienic

3.Easy to clean and maintain.

4.Eco friendly material

Our esteemed clientele

What our clients say..

I am absolutely in love with their product quality and designs. Have been working with them for years.

Mr. D. Singh

These guys are extremely professional and reliable. Their products are of excellent quality and they are always available on call. Absolutely recommended.

Mr. C. Chandok

Shubham and Shreyance are impeccably professional and honest in their dealings. Strongly recommended.

Mr. A. Gupta

With DNS, you get quality products at best price in market. Look nowhere else!

Mr. Abhishek
Our products rating average on popular marketplaces

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