How we do packaging

We can provide these Stainless Steel Pvd Sheets and others with good packaging service. We have well experienced experts who can wrap up these sheets in the boxes or else, to keep them safe from unconditional damages, as well as rusting. We can export the product with special packaging services as well. Customers can get them in required quantity from us. With this, you can obtain some value added services while buying it.

You can also grab these stainless steel sheets in various colors like brown, black, green, rose red, bronze, silver and many more. They are useful for applications including elevator door, cladding, and luxury interior, ceiling walls, pillars, columns, hotel lobby and more. We are often experts in custom made designed sheets, with a pattern, customer logo in accordance with your needs. The sheets are being sold out by us have an appealing structure and it can be purchased in custom built options. It also has great uses in many public places such as railway, airports, hotels, bank, cinema, bus shelters, and restaurants and so on.

Our products go through meticulous packaging to avoid scratches and damage. The following will demonstrate the packaging process.